• Our short review of Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2016 season:

    The Exorcist, Krampus and American Horror Story mazes were all executed well.
    AHS was especially impressive due to the amount of detail in 1920s set and art design.
    When you consider what a horrible film Krampus was, it's a surprise that they were able to create one of the more superb mazes out of it.

    The ridiculous 1-2 hour waits for each maze has to piss off those who can not afford the efficient front of the line passes.
    Even Starbucks has a one hour wait.
    Harry Potter world is also not open, which doesn't make sense considering how overcrowded the whole park is during Horror Nights. The greed is obvious as they wish for you to come back during day hours to visit what is arguably the best wing of the park.
    Also don't waste your time with the Terror Tram attraction- it is not organized and is definitely the worst year to experience it. We observed multiple almost fist fights between groups of drunk people confused, and perhaps intentionally, taking other peoples seats while boarding the tram.
    The most underwhelming mazes would be Halloween, Freddy vs Jason, the Purge, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre which are all worth skipping.
    In closing Universal has the most funded set of haunts in the country yet year after year they're use the same ideas in every maze (ex. You can always count on a loud sound coinciding with a flashing blue light as the main character hops out of that same dark window). To those paying attention it can come across as a bit uninspired with a sense of being constricted creatively.
    Lastly it's 2016 and someone should tell that creative director of HHN, papa Murdy, to cut it out with all that corny dubstep. It make you feel like you walking into Warped Tour (circa 2010) instead of amulti million dollar set of haunts.

  • -J. Madison
    October 02, 2016