'“The Spooktacular is a 45 minute show which includes various Halloween themed marionettes from Bob’s career”


“This colossal, 105 room haunt is located in an outdoor mall (Janss Marketplace) nestled in a quiet Thousand Oaks neighborhood.”


“Exploring the Queen Mary alone is a feast for the senses, however this experience was surpassed by the land maze, Intrepid, which stole our hearts.”

REVIEW: Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

The Haunted Hayride is now in its 10th year of transforming part of Griffith Park into an eerie and macabre carnival filled with spooky attractions, ghoulish characters, and delicious treats.

REVIEW: Haunted Maze at The Toluca Lake Pumpkin Patch

“This includes their usual aliens, Grateful Dead coffins, and wizards giving the  “Live long and prosper” hand signals.”

Zombie Joe's Urban Death


“As we left to exit the maze a younger member of the crowd was curled up in a fetal position refusing to look up, which signified that Zombie Joe’s had accomplished their mission of extreme sensations”


“The Psycho Sanitarium is a greatly enjoyable experience that is a nice palate cleanser following the intensity of the Fleshyard and the chilling suspense of Into the Black.”


This sudden surge of anxiety and fear is showcased in a disquieting play entitled  “Fallen Saints: Dark”, by Force of Nature Productions.

REVIEW: Horror Made Here: A Festival Of Frights

Located on the Warner Brothers backlot in Burbank, Horror Made Here has successfully transformed their iconic 62-acre film lot into an impressive Halloween attraction.


“This year’s Fleshyard is dark and brutal as you follow the story of possession and lost children. “

REVIEW: Into the Black

“suspense builds as darkness is slowly illuminated by muted and minimal light sources”

REVIEW: Horrorworld

The Bones have now partnered with Adam and Kerry LeBlanc, owners and operators of the Fleshyard Haunted Maze (@thefleshyard), to create a new Halloween event: Horrorworld.

REVIEW: Jordans High Desert Haunt at ScareLA

REVIEW: Jordan's High Desert Haunt at SCARELA

Jordan’s High Desert Haunt has been a favorite of ours for years. Jordan, the owner of High Desert Haunt, has been carefully crafting and expanding his haunt over time by utilizing found objects from his Apple Valley hilltop desert property.


Clowns, mummies and zombies packed the show floor as they visited vendors and panels, watched slider shows and enjoyed the wide assortment of haunted mazes.

REVIEW: The Donnie Darko Experience

The Opechee Haunt (@opecheehaunt) is the brainchild of Sam Kellman - a young Halloween enthusiast whose talent and creativity far exceeds his age.

REVIEW: Spooky Hallows at Midsummer Scream

Located in Van Nuys, Spooky Hollows has been impressing haunters since 2011 with their fun, interactive maze.

REVIEW: Murder House Production - Trick R Treat

A highlight of last year’s haunt season was the Murder House Productions (@mhphaunt) tribute to the Halloween horror classic, “Trick ‘R Treat”. Last Halloween, this incredible maze was only open for a few nights and was one of the greatest surprises of the season.

REVIEW: Midsummer Scream

Haunts in the Los Angeles area have been popping off for many years, and for good reason. LA is a city of known for its entertainment and creativity, and when you mix that with everyone’s favorite holiday: Halloween, you have the perfect combination to bring forth the best haunts in the world. Whether you are a seasoned haunter or an amateur, everyone brings to life a unique vision, conjuring the dark and fantastical worlds we all hold deep within us.


REVIEW: Portable Mazes at Midsummer Scream

The second haunt, “Black Bayou”, was similar to “Cold Storage”, except it was swamp themed. Filled with tenebrous swamp critters, low lying fog, and neon green lights, “Black Bayou” was really enjoyable.



REVIEW: Freedom Christian Center's night of Terror

“Well we found it, the rarest haunt of them all: the hell house. We stumbled across it outside of Los Angeles in the small town of Norwalk.”

REVIEW: Murder House Productions - Trick R Treat

As we waited in line, we were surrounded by a candy scented fog while melancholy music played in the background. As the fog parted, we saw a figure slowly lurking towards us. Our eyes settled on Sam, the demonic and mischievous protagonist of the epic cult movie Trick ‘r Treat.

REVIEW: Revenge of the Ninja


REVIEW: Sante Fe Springs Haunted House

As you travel through the maze you will follow the story of a man who loses his mind and kills his entire family. He then runs off into the forest, where he continues his killing spree. The narrative of the maze slowly unfolds through each part of this multi-room haunt.

REVIEW: Spooky Hollows

This beautiful walkthrough and family friendly haunt leaves behind the gore and typical scares found in most mazes. The actors could double for Macbeth’s witches and help to create a genuine otherworldly atmospher

REVIEW: The Haunted Shack

REVIEW: The Farm

The Farm is unique and unlike anything else you will find in the DIY haunt world. The Farm is a Western themed haunt located in Glendale, California. 


REVIEW: Knott's Scary Farm

Since 1973 Knott’s Berry Farm has been transforming their park into Knott’s Scary Farm for each Halloween season. The park, which started with an old western theme, is built for this type of attraction. Through the years the mazes and scare zones have expanded and improved, providing inspiration for many other theme parks and back yard mazes which we have grown to love.

REVIEW: The Haunted Rose

The Haunted Rose pulls you into a Lovecraftian world in which a mad scientist uses necromancy to bring to life otherworldly and bizarre creatures. These horrific creations are the result of the hybridization of animals and humans. They appear throughout the maze as you wander through beautiful sets and exquisite lighting.


REVIEW: Rosehill Haunt

What makes Halloween so great is seeing young people showcase their creativity, talents, and aspirations. Rosehill Haunt is a great example of this, and also proves that Boney Island, Knott’s, and Disney can stoke the imaginations of children so that they may follow their creativity. We greatly encourage you to make it out to Studio City to visit Rosehill Haunt.

REVIEW: Realm of Shadow

Some of the greatest things about yard haunts are that you get to see communities come together so that kids and teenagers can to bring to life their imaginations and creativity. Pico Rivera’s maze, Realm Of Shadow, does this perfectly. There are fun mechanics, crazy DIY layouts, and really fun scaractors contained with the tarped walls of this maze.

Realm of Shadow is a mischievous haunt which has been around for decades. The playfulness of the frights that await you around every corner will put a smile on your face. There are tricks and twists that you will never see coming. If you’re in the Pico Rivera, check out this really fun yard walkthrough maze!

REVIEW: The Nightmare in Whiting Woods

The Nightmare in Whiting Woods is an incredible work of art which has existed for almost two decades. The love and labor which goes into its creation and execution makes it a coveted destination for hundreds of trick-or-treaters.

haunted adventure at the starlight bowl

REView: night of terrors at the starlight bowl

The Starlight Bowl is a famous venue where U2 would rehearse in the 1980s.


REVIEW: Coffin Creek

”At times these mazes feel like there is no regard to building code, which is a great way to keep things unhinged”

REVIEW: Rotten Apple

For 26 years Rotten Apple has lived in a world of its own. This maze has all the scares one could need. On top of that, the team who makes this front yard haunt possesses some of the most impressive talent we have witnessed. The theme of the haunt changes every year, ranging from sci-fi to western narratives. The challenges of creating a new theme every year are met with extraordinary success, leaving visitors astounded and more than satisfied.

REVIEW: High Desert Haunted House

Far from LA way up in the mountains of Apple Valley, lies a haunt shrouded in mystery:

REVIEW: Beware the Dark Realm

Beware The Dark Realm is an oddity within the suburban midst of Santa Clarita. After parking you literally walk past all the neighbors hanging out in their garages- doors open- playing pool or ping pong while sipping a beer with the game on a widescreen tv.

REVIEW: The Haunted Rose

This terrifying yard maze sets the tone with the creepy mad scientist, Dr. Macabro, warning you of the doom to come. The lengthy, winding maze is filled with cinematic-like hallways which sets the tone for the perfectly situated and impeccably timed macabre costumed scarers. All of this is executed with lighting that you would think was done by a professional horror film crew.

REVIEW: Haunted Adventure at Starlight Bowl

I almost didn’t visit this haunt after being so disappointed with last year’s event. To me, it seems like very little effort was made at this unique location. Pretty sure they just grabbed a cart at CVS and filled it with markers, poster board and whatever they had in the Halloween aisle. With a more creative and passionate team, this location could become an unbelievable event.

REVIEW: Haunted Maze on Ambrose

"apocalyptic wasteland"

REVIEW: Dark Harbor at The Queen Mary

REVIEW: The Haunted Hayride

Located in the abandoned zoo within Griffith Park, this haunt contains 3 premium mazes, which surround a Halloween carnival filled with activities and spooky characters.

REVIEW: The 17th Door

Within the maze they constantly electrocute you, they show off a dead baby pig, and you also have to watch a pregnant woman get kicked to death.

REVIEW: All Saints Lunatic Asylum

The crowd seemed to be filled with haunt enthusiasts that are mostly repeat customers.

REVIEW: Sinister Pointe

This maze itself has all the pulls and feels that makes up a classic

REVIEW: Motel 6 Feet Under

Across the street from Disneyland lies this amazing haunt.