REVIEW: high desert haunted house

October 26, 2017

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High desert haunted house: THE VICTORIA MANOR

We have had the pleasure of attending Jordan’s High Desert Haunt, aka Victoria Manor, for the past 3 years. This haunt is a hidden gem which can only be accessed by driving up an unlit dirt road in the middle of Apple Valley. Victoria Manor is a ramshackle paradise built with pieces of old houses, vehicles, and stacked up rubble. It’s an astonishing and spectacular haunt that is always a priority for us to visit.


The Victoria Manor feels at times scary, funny, or ridiculous. It hosts two mazes which are drastically different – the first maze is mellow, and the second maze is completely insane. The second maze is overwhelmingly beautiful and chaotic – there’s fire, chainsaws, and numerous moments where practically every character of the maze is following you. Characters range from young children to older adults. Our favorite character is the one armed Frankenstein monster. This man constantly pops up in front of you, always in the same pose with his arm out while never speaking a word.


The Victoria Manor has its own unique personality unlike any other haunt we’ve visited.

As enormous fans of this haunt we encourage everyone to visit this weekend. Tonight will be 18 and up night and the weekend is going to have a hayride in addition to the 2 mazes.



October 26, 2017


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