nightmare in whiting woods



For years we have traveled to The Nightmare in Whiting Woods on Halloween, only to arrive too late to gain entrance. This haunt is located up a winding road in a cozy neighborhood. The line to get in gets very long very quickly, so this year we arrived at 7 pm sharp in order to get in. We were finally able to experience this beautiful maze with an evolving theme, and it was impressive.

The line to get into The Nightmare in Whiting Woods wraps up a winding set of narrow steps. It begins at the bottom of the hill that the maze and home reside on. As you slowly make your way up the stairs, you will see classic horror films being projected and hear grunts coming from distorted hunchbacked monsters hiding in the darkness. Once you get to the top of the stairs, you will come upon the exterior of a castle guarded by a gatekeeper. The gatekeeper is a very realistic character who will ask you in a foreboding voice if you are sure you want to enter the castle, because there is no exit. This is confirmed by the fact that no exit can be seen (it’s located on a different part of the hill). This is a great detail which sets a suspenseful tone for those about to enter the haunt.

Inside the castle we walked through a wonderfully rendered set of medieval chambers which led to a graveyard. Each section had impressive characters embellished with beautiful costuming and make-up. They helped to create an immersive narrative filled with interactive experiences. At one point we summoned the dead, which led to the cemetery coming to life. We also saw floating skeletons and we were chased by a chainsaw wielding human/pig hybrid.

The Nightmare in Whiting Woods is an incredible work of art which has existed for almost two decades. The love and labor which goes into its creation and execution makes it a coveted destination for hundreds of trick-or-treaters. The Nightmare in Whiting Woods was a perfect way to conclude the Halloween season, and we can’t wait to go back next year!


November 09, 2017


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