review: psycho sanitarium

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REVIEW: The Psycho Sanitarium

Following the success of the 2017's Into the Black, Cheryl and Larry Bones of Bone Yard Effects, Inc. (@boneyardfx) have joined forces with the Fleshyard Haunted Maze (@thefleshyard) to open Horrorworld (@horrorworld2018). Along with Into the Black, Horrorworld hosts a new creation from Bone Yard Effects: The Psycho Sanitarium.

The Psycho Sanitarium travels in the opposite direction of the shadowy, hushed world of Into the Black by using loud noises, grotesque characters, and humor to entertain haunt goers. Yes, you will actually laugh at some of the sights in the Psycho Sanitarium. As you move from room to room, you will have encounters with bizarre nurses, cross-eyed doctors, and toothless, deranged patients who are trying to escape the asylum. Hungry cannibals will come after you, and a creepy man lurking in a bathroom will ask you to join him and play with his “mess”.

The Psycho Sanitarium is a greatly enjoyable experience that is a nice palate cleanser following the intensity of the Fleshyard and the chilling suspense of Into the Black. It is wonderful to witness what new creations the Bones conjure every year, and we are certain that with each new Halloween season, Bone Yard Effects will continue to be at the forefront of what is visionary and innovative in the world of haunts.  


October 07, 2018