October 17, 2016



October 17, 2016

      Upon arriving “All Saints Lunatic Asylum”, we come across a long line of local Apple Valley residents wrapping around the desolate mountain view plaza strip mall . This is the third year at this location after having to move it from the former residential home because of the large crowds they attracted. While in line, you are immediately transported into the high desert culture and community. The crowd seemed to be filled with haunt enthusiasts that are mostly repeat customers.

Unlike big attractions, like Universal and Knotts, ASLA has a limited budget and resources, but still delivers far beyond the big name haunts. Their unique technique of dark lighting, strobes and animatronics will literally leave attendees shaken and disoriented. The organic butcher shop, chapel, and cemetery are a few rooms haunters will travel trough while being constantly tormented by the asylums demented patients and creepy staff. All the actors are volunteers from the community, and deliver their own adaptations of terrifying, improvised performances, in some instances, almost comical but more twisted then the best psychological thrillers.

We felt the deep passion and enthusiasm given by the haunt creators while the spectator receives a 5-star terror experience valued way beyond the small $8 cover charge.

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October 17, 2016

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