October 30, 2018

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REVIEW: Coffinwood

For the past twenty years, Tony Monton and Tom Van Tassel have been a vital pulse within the Santa Clarita haunter community. They began their haunt career after visiting an early incarnation of Knott’s Scary Farm, and from there went on to create what eventually became a massive yard display named “Coffinwood”. Their first yard display was modest and contained two headstones and a partially destroyed mannequin situated outside of a mobile home. Ever since they have been making annual additions to their now impressive collection which includes numerous sets and original props made from scratch.

Though it has moved locations over the last two decades, Coffinwood has been at its current address since 2010. Recent additions to the haunt include pumpkin patches, a skeleton procession, and a doll room. This yard display is family friendly and filled with wonderfully executed ideas which bring to life the spirit of Halloween. Our favorite part of this year’s display was the “drinking” skeleton - an illusion created by using a colored light strip to represent the liquid going down the skeleton’s throat.

Coffinwood is an integral part of Santa Clarita’s celebration of Halloween. Tony and Tom have been working together for years, and were even part of Heritage Haunt with fellow local legend Scott Sivley (Beware The Dark Realm). Coffinwood offers a very unique and enjoyable Halloween experience for visitors of all ages during a season which Tony and Tom refer to as “their Christmas”.


October 30, 2018

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