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As a leading pioneer in the world of immersive theater, Jon Braver has been consistently creating some of the most artistic and influential interactive plays in his “Delusion” universe. By introducing new chapters every year, Braver and his team have impressively expanded on original stories into an all-encompassing world of epic tales and extraordinary adventures. Never recycling sets, stories, nor illusions, Delusion is consistently original and successfully enthralls audiences far and wide.

This year’s chapter is entitled “Alt Delete” and builds on the story first introduced to us last year during the production of “The Blue Blade”. It continues the story of the twisted time traveler, Dr. Evelyn Powell, and her nefarious voyages through time and space. The Alt Delete narrative traces events which have led to a breach in 1982, in which you are an “underwriter” in search of Dr. Powell. Your surroundings take you back in time to 1982 as you notice ELO cassettes, first generation computers, and analog equipment such as tape decks.

While last year’s production brought you through multiple sets, timelines, and characters; “Alt Delete” offers a more condensed set in the form of multiple hallways and one room. Alt Delete includes elements of horror and science fiction which are intensified through atmospheric lighting, suspenseful characters, marvelous stunts, and puzzle solving. Though this year’s chapter is a shorter adventure, it is nonetheless as equally thrilling as experiences from previous years.

Delusion is a mandatory trip during this haunt season. This legendary annual event has earned great respect and admiration, and Alt Delete continues the forward trajectory of Braver and his team to explore new worlds and take their audiences beyond the limits of their imaginations.


October 02, 2019


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