October 23, 2018

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REVIEW: Delusion "The Blue Blade"

Before Hollywood and New York started doing interactive horror and suspense theater, Jon Braver and his team pioneered this new form of entertainment (and one could argue created the genre) and swiftly set the bar high for future writers, actors, and producers. Braver’s background as a Hollywood stunt coordinator (True Blood, Star Trek, Iron Man) has helped him to create extremely convincing, immersive worlds of theater beginning with the 2011 production of Delusion’s eponymous play. This first production took place in Hattie McDaniel’s thirteen room West Adams mansion which was built in 1911. The haunted play found an ideal setting within the mansion’s dilapidated period interiors, which have also served as filming locations for Rob Zombie and numerous other horror directors. Since the 2011 play, Delusion has maintained artistic consistency by remaining within a timeline set in the early 1900’s, even through multiple housing relocations.

Delusion has always incorporated multiple mediums into its experience through a refined choreography of sound and lighting accompanied by breathtaking stunts. Each play has always been extravagant and larger than life, becoming more detailed and intricate with each new production. After the 2016 theater experience, “His Crimson Queen”, we were sure that Jon Braver had outdone himself once and for all with this mesmerizing, interactive world of mystery and vampires. However, this year’s attraction, “The Blue Blade”, offers a much grander vision in which the use of different time periods showcases Braver’s limitless creativity and incredible technical prowess.

The Blue Blade was created with co-writer David Brzozowski and takes you through multiple eras in search of a rogue time traveler named Professor Evelyn Lowell. Professor Lowell has unlocked the powers of the Blue Blade and she can therefore travel through time and space. The search for Professor Lowell feels like a sci-fi version of Indiana Jones, and along the way you will encounter some of Delusion’s most impressive moments. You will become fully immersed in the world of the Blue Blade as you travel through elaborate sets, witness unbelievable stunts, and are surrounded by suspenseful sounds and lighting. The play’s actors are absolutely fantastic, which makes sense because they hail from notable haunt institutions such as Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater, Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, and The Tension Experience.

There are so many beautiful and amazing details of the sets, characters, and stunts of The Blue Blade which we could discuss, but we would rather you experience all of it for yourself. Jon Braver is one of the most exceptionally creative people alive - he is the Guillermo del Toro of the theater.

Delusion always sells out quickly, but they have released a new set of tickets today and we encourage anyone who is a fan of fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and immersive universes to get in while you can. The Blue Blade is extremely special and Delusion is without a doubt one of the greatest entertainment experiences of our time.


October 23, 2018

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