October 26, 2018

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REVIEW: Fear Farm Hollows

For the past fourteen years, Fear Farm (@fearfarmhollows) has been a family haunt located in the desert backroads of Phelan. Fear Farm’s dilapidated Victorian maze was filled with bloodthirsty creatures who frightened inhabitants of the desert community and outsiders who dared to visit. This haunt also offered a hayride which included the running over of a living character who was buried in the ground.

After growing too big to be located in a residential area, Fear Farm has now moved to a larger site and is renamed “Fear Farm Hollows”. This expansion incorporates aspects of the Victorian maze (the original was damaged in a wind storm) and a similar hayride which takes you through a detonation site filled with bizarre characters who chase you and jump on your wagon. This year’s new haunt welcomes the addition of an area 51 section which is the grand finale featuring neon green containers, a spaceship, and a Hummer. Fear Farm Hollows is really fun and very unpredictable - you never know which of the relentless young volunteers will come at you as they wield chainsaws and speak in tongues.

Fear Farm is a great desert tradition which brings together strange sights and characters to frighten all those who dare visit Phelan during the Halloween season. We love and appreciate the work this family has done in creating a haunt which is very engaging and very entertaining. Visiting Fear Farm can be a really fun evening trip and can be combined with a visit to Victoria Manor and All Saints Lunatic Asylum.


October 26, 2018

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