October 9th, 2019


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Located deep in the guts of the Simi Valley Town Center, Fears Gate has successfully taken the shell of an abandoned Macy’s and transformed it into a spine-chilling dark maze entitled “Freak Show”.

This haunt brings together local youth to scare all those who enter their demented sideshow. You will encounter everything from human jack-in-the-boxes to shrinking rooms; to long, desolate hallways filled with fog and evil clowns stalking you for revenge. There is also a very enjoyable feature which allows you to hang out in the security room and observe other people going through the maze and getting scared out of their wits.

Fears Gate is a fun way to support a fundraiser put together by the community in Simi Valley. We always encourage everyone to support creative enterprises fueled by young people who are also working towards a good cause.


October 09, 2019


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