October 15, 2018

HOLA 18.10.15 Field Of Screams.jpg

REVIEW: Field of SCreams

This weekend we visited the Inland Empire’s Field Of Screams The Haunted Stadium (@hauntedstadium). This event is partnered with Sinister Valley for the first time and takes place at Lake Elsinore’s Storm Stadium. Field of Screams includes four otherworldly mazes which transform the stadium’s concession area into a very enjoyable Halloween attraction.

The mazes were short adventures through swamps, forests, mines, and vintage Western scenes. While we wished these mazes were slightly longer, we had a great time traveling through these worlds which transcended their stadium environment. You will see coffins, camouflaged areas, and christmas trees, all the while encountering characters which are made of flesh or animatronic.

Our favorite maze was Miner’s Paradise, a haunted mine in which you will encounter strange ghosts and bizarre creatures. We were particularly in awe of a small animatronic character who reminded us of the "Mysterious Alien Creature" (MAC) from Mac and Me combined with a Gremlin. This character talks to you and looks around mischievously before doing something very devilish (no spoilers). The “goldmine” of this attraction includes an impressive explosion technique we hadn't seen before. We are crossing our fingers that the animatronics team continues to expand their creations next year, making Miner’s Paradise an experience which could end up becoming a demented version of Disneyland’s Big Thunder Railroad.


October 15, 2018