October 16, 2018

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REVIEW: Ghost Train

One of the absolute best experiences you can have in LA takes place in Griffith Park during select nights in October, when the evening air takes on a chill and fog begins to creep through the oak trees and chaparral. For the past eighteen years, the Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum has been transformed into a spooky miniature railroad ride through Griffith Park, where you will encounter spectral tableaus, frenzied mechanical creatures, ghostly apparitions, and fire breathing dragons.

The Ghost Train is rich with sights and sounds that will bring shivers to your spine and make you laugh with delight. As you make your way through the dark night accompanied by the sound of the train traveling on the railroad tracks, you will be greatly entertained by many different sights including singing Little Shop of Horror plants, grumpy talking trees, and possessed toys. This year’s ride incorporates a lot of the classic sights of years past, including rabid raccoons, the skeleton in the outhouse, Area 51, demented teddy bears, and colossal cats. There are also many exciting surprises with the 2018 additions, including a beautiful scene out of Frankenstein’s castle, a tour through Jurassic Park, a miniature haunted graveyard, and more.

Like most residents of SoCal,  we are huge Disney fans. Therefore, we are always delighted to see the Ghost Train’s Disneyland inspired sights, like the crew of shipwrecked pirates and “Radiation Springs”. Disney himself was a member of the Los Angeles Live Steamers, and in 1950 created the Carolwood Pacific Railroad in the backyard of his home in Holmby Hills, California. There, he built a barn for the railroad in order to control and watch his trains. The barn also served as a place for Walt to work and socialize with his friends. Walt’s Barn was saved by his daughter before the Holmby Hills house was demolished, and is now a museum and a part of the Los Angeles Live Steamers Museum. Next to Walt’s Barn is a 1:4-scale Victorian railroad depot donated by legendary Disney animator Ollie Johnston (Pinocchio, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia, Bambi, and more!), who also built a miniature railroad in his backyard complete with 1:12-scale locomotives.

We are very grateful to Gary Baker and the Los Angeles Live Steamers for the labor and love they put into creating an all ages event which brings joy far and wide, year after year. The Ghost Train is an essential part of any Halloween tradition, and the money raised from ticket sales helps to fund the non-profit Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum. The museum offers educational and entertaining exhibits in hopes that people will learn more about railroad history, Live Steamers history, and enjoy some fun aboard one of the steam, diesel, or electric locomotives. The Live Steamers team puts so much love into their work and it shows - passengers when exiting the ride are always smiling and thankful for their very special Halloween experience.

Tickets for the Ghost Train are modestly priced, however we suggest an express pass for an extra $10 to shorten the wait in line. Also, check out the amazing merch!


October 16, 2018

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