October 21, 2018

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REVIEW: Haunted Adventure

Burbank Parks and Recreation’s Haunted Adventure in The Starlight Bowl (located within the Stough Nature Center) has been taking place now for over two decades. The Starlight Bowl is an outdoor venue located in the wooded hills of Burbank, and is known for hosting legendary rock bands like U2 in the 1980s. The 1980s also brought us Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees, the two protagonists of this year’s Haunted Adventure theme, "80s Fright Nights".

While this year’s maze was fun, it wasn’t as exciting as our favorite Haunted Adventure maze from two years ago, “The Unknown”. The 2016 maze featured children being tortured in cages along with aliens wandering about their spaceship wreckage. This year’s maze doesn’t have any aliens but instead offers a multitude of Michael Myers screaming at you between the dimly lit tarped walls of the Starlight Bowl. In addition, you will see demonic clowns pushing live children around in portable cages.

Haunted Adventure is a classic Halloween event which includes a maze, carnival games, and food trucks. This annual event wasn't as imaginative as it was in years past however remains a classic diy attraction, simple and fun.


October 21, 2018

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