November 04, 2018

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REVIEW: Holiday Fantasies Come To Life - Halloween 2018

Towards the end of the Halloween season, we started to hear rumors of a suburban Burbank yard that had been transformed into an epic Pirates of the Caribbean tribute. We circled around various Burbank neighborhoods looking for Jack Sparrow and crew, and became convinced we wouldn’t find them, until……...we noticed in the distance a giant palm tree with a purple light on it. We parked our car and as we made our way towards the tree, we could hear “War Pigs” echoing throughout the streets...we knew we were close.

As we walked up the street towards the purple infused palm tree, we saw one of the most elaborate and magnificent yard displays we have ever seen. The facade of the house was completely transformed into an imposing galleon, and the yard was filled with faithfully recreated scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean. On top of that, there was a live band, dressed up as pirates, playing covers of classic rock anthems at full volume (even at 10:30 at night!). The audience gathered round was really into the show, and trick-or-treating children were invited to join the band and play tambourines. The atmosphere surrounding the yard was incredibly festive, with people enthusiastically enjoying the music while admiring the attraction.

This incredible yard display was created by Tina Schaefer and Arnulfo Padilla, who passionately love the holidays and have been decorating their yard for fifteen years. Their yard display is called “Holiday Fantasies Come To Life” and changes according to themes and holidays (Halloween and Christmas) every year. They love entering the Burbank yard display contests, and last year their Wizard of Oz tribute won for the second time in a row.
The work that went into Tina and Arnulfo’s Pirates of the Caribbean tribute took three months of intensive labor around the clock. Tina said that she would come home from her job as a Special Ed teacher and work on the display every night until 2 am. This tireless dedication to their vision is evident in the incredible amount of detail this yard display possess. From the skeleton captain to the cannons which light up in red, to the jail scene in which the pirates are trying to bribe the dog to give them the keys, to scenes from the port village, and to Jack Sparrow himself who walks around greeting visitors, this yard display is absolutely breathtaking.

Tina told us that the Pirates yard display will stay up until around Thanksgiving. This is an amazing second chance to see this extremely impressive home tribute to the beloved Disneyland ride. After Thanksgiving, the display will undergo yet another magical transformation and become home to Peter Pan and Pinocchio for the Christmas season. Please stop by this home and yard display to experience the true spirit of the holidays at 1505 N. Valley Street, Burbank, CA.


November 04, 2018

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