review: horror made here: A festival of frights

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REVIEW: Horror Made Here - A Festival Of Frights

Located on the Warner Brothers backlot in Burbank, Horror Made Here has successfully transformed their iconic 62-acre film lot into an impressive Halloween attraction. Throughout your time at Horror Made Here you will be surrounded by a spirited environment reminiscent of a classic 1980’s horror set.  You begin your voyage by entering through a twisted carnival and into what is usually their “midwest business and residential street” to be welcomed to the event by bizarre and unique scare actors.

The art direction for Horror Made Here is excellent. As you move from attraction to attraction, you will feel a continuity of time and place which does not exist at Universal or Knotts. There are many fantastic attractions which you will find along your journey, such as The Lost Boys Arcade and Fangtasia, the notorious vampire bar from True Blood. There is also a special treat for Tim Burton fans. The pop-up exhibit, “Behind the Screams”, has original outfits and props from Mars Attacks!, The Corpse Bride, Sweeney Todd, and never before seen miniatures from Beetlejuice.

Our favorite part of Horror Made Here was the incredible collection of “dark mazes” including It, The Exorcist, Arkham, The Conjuring Universe, and The Nightmare on Camp Crystal Lake. The term “maze” can’t be applied to all of these attractions because some were more akin to the suspenseful interactive theater experience of Delusion. The dark mazes offered a very enjoyable change to what has become the predictable standard of other events like Halloween Horror Nights. Also in contrast to Universal was the incredible originality and artistry of the Horror Made Here attractions. Creative ideas to elicit a scare, such as bringing a painting to life, proved that the brains behind Horror Made Here have a deep knowledge of the haunt world and aren’t afraid of innovation.

The most traditional attraction was It. Originally a pop-up at Hollywood and Vine, this experience has now evolved to include new rooms and time to interact with Georgie and Pennywise while experiencing the intricate details found in each setting. The new attractions of this year: The Conjuring Universe, The Exorcist, and Arkham, are all phenomenal. The Exorcist is a sit down experience in 4D which is like Captain EO on Halloween steroids. We don’t want to describe too much, but we are confident that The Exorcist attraction will be the hit of the season. Arkham and The Conjuring are both breathtaking interactive theater experiences which will make you feel like you are fully immersed in the world of Batman villains and in the paranormal world of Annabelle. The Nightmare on Camp Crystal Lake attraction will take you back to childhood nightmares as you walk through a forest and around Crystal Lake, witnessing Freddy and Jason massacring children. Though you may technically be in Burbank, Ca., you will feel like you are deep in the backwoods of New Jersey.

We can’t emphasize enough how incredible the production is in every attraction. Pay close attention to what you see, or you’ll miss details like swings which are moved by invisible hands or coffin bells which ring above the graves of entombed souls.

To choose a favorite attraction would be futile as each is fantastic and original in its own right. Horror Made Here has assembled a great set of minds who go beyond the limitations of their peers to bring fresh and innovative ideas to life. Our hats go off to the creative team, crew, and cast of Horror Made Here for bringing to life an exceptional Halloween experience which will thrill and delight all who come to visit.


October 05, 2018

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