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This past weekend the East Whittier Middle School hosted its 10th Annual “House of Horrors: Carnival of Fear”, an evil fun house themed event created to raise funds for the school’s band. The team of haunters included local teenagers and volunteers, along with the Haunted Rose’s Ryan Banfield.

The entrance to this spooky carnival experience was an enormous wooden clown head with spinning, hypnotic eyes. Inside the carnival were throngs of teenage clowns and wonderful mechanized sights, like the giant clown puppet head bursting out from a wall. The rooms of the maze were dimly lit and filled with dense fog amid backdrops of red velvet curtains and darkly tarped walls. The energy was fast paced and filled with fun scares, accented by the creepiest moment which was seeing a child dressed as Georgie (IT) sitting with a deadpan expression on a slowly moving mechanical car.

The House of Horrors is a wonderful community enterprise that brings together creativity and altruism in a Halloween coated weekend of fun. We applaud the team of House of Horrors for supporting the arts by helping to fund their school band along with creating a platform for youth to express themselves.


September 30, 2019


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