REVIEW: Into the black

September 28, 2018


REVIEW: Into The Black

The deterioration we witness in the world touches upon our primal fears of death and decay, which we all have buried deep within ourselves. Exploring abandoned, crumbling buildings is something which fascinates us as we think about past worlds and our future expirations. What awaits us in death? A silent, emptiness? Or will we exist in a shadow world, accompanied by demons and the sounds of the damned? These fears may haunt us, but sometimes we are given the opportunity to directly confront what scares us the most. If you are ready for this journey, we invite you to step foot inside the tenebrous chambers of Into the Black: an otherworldly maze brought to you by the magnificent imaginations of Bone Yard Effects, Inc. (@boneyardfx).

Larry and Cheryl Bones, aka Bone Yard Effects, Inc., have been creating monsters and phantasmagoric worlds for years. They left Halloween Horror Nights to bring to life their own, unique maze: Into the Black. Premiering last year, Into the Black was birthed from Bone Yard’s film of the same title. This maze is a cinematic and immersive experience which will leave you with a sense of both awe and horror.

As you travel through the maze, suspense builds as darkness is slowly illuminated by muted and minimal light sources. Into the Black is a world of shadows which holds tenebrous creatures awaiting you in the corners of decomposing, Victorian styled rooms. As you journey through the maze you will hear distant droning sounds, interrupted by the footsteps and groans of demonic stalkers. (If you pay close enough attention, you will realize that the demons share a synchronized language of hellish vocalizations.) The tension which builds in this maze is created very deliberately, producing a much greater effect than any jump scares which have become very common in most haunts.

Into The Black brings your most frightening nightmares to life. Larry and Cheryl Bones have created a world in which craft and imagination operate on the highest level, leaving no stone unturned in creating a meticulously designed haunt. We highly suggest multiple visits to Into the Black, as each journey will reveal new details in what has now become one of our top favorite experiences of the Halloween season.


September 28, 2018

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