October 25, 2018

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REVIEW: Murder House Productions Presents "Resurrection"

By incorporating aspects of horror, witchcraft, and Disney imagineering, Murder House Productions (@mhphaunt) has successfully branched out from their amazing fan tributes (2017's Trick ‘r Treat and 2016's Evil Dead) into making their own original maze. Creating a haunt from scratch for the first time can be very challenging, however this year’s maze,  “Resurrection”, is Murder House’s best work yet.

The story of Resurrection takes place at Milbury Farms in the town of Southvale, Virginia. Local legend tells the tale of livestock, who were slaughtered during the “Milbury Massacre”, coming back from the dead to exact revenge on the living. Resurrection incorporates puppetry, actors, and intricate sound and lighting design to tell the story of the ghosts of Milbury Farms. The dimly lit maze is eerie and accented with flickering lights; and farm sounds resonate throughout the rooms of the barn, around the haystacks, and into the forest. The atmosphere is intensified by the tight spaces of the maze and the earthy smell of mulch and hay beneath your feet.

Outside the maze there is a looped set of skits which reveal the backstory of Resurrection. The lead character in the skits is Azbell, who controls the earth and all of its beings. (If you pay close attention when you’re in the maze you will hear her name whispered in various scenes.) Among the skits is a hilarious story told by a kid going to Milbury Farms for YouTube content.

What we loved the most about Resurrection was the enormous amount of detail included in every step along the way. We noticed some nods to Disneyland including a beautifully rendered sky similar to the Blue Bayou of Pirates of the Caribbean. In the  “cracked ceiling” area, similar to the “Burning Town” Pirates of the Caribbean scene, we heard a soundtrack of wood creaking as we walked. There was even a hidden Tower of Terror Easter egg.

Resurrection is extremely creative, exciting, and beautifully executed. Murder House Productions fully embraced their vision and created the perfect haunt experience. Their incredible use of storytelling, finely crafted artistic detail, and talented cast makes this haunt one of the best mazes of the Halloween season…..all contained within a garage in the suburbs of Thousand Oaks.


October 25, 2018

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