November 2018

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REVIEW: Nightmare in Whiting Woods

Nightmare in Whiting Woods is a rare haunt which can only be experienced on Halloween night. Offering an elaborate DIY house maze walkthrough, this suburban Glendale home transforms itself into a Victorian funeral home complete with a haunted cemetery and a visit from Krampus.

The details of this maze are so incredible that it’s hard to understand why this haunt is only open one night a year. As you enter through the viewing room of the funeral home you are tormented by evil nuns who bare their bloody fangs as they guide you towards the autopsy room. Within this room you witness an autopsy which is being performed by a malevolent doctor. On your way out towards the cemetery you pass by the crematorium in which a real child is being burned alive.

As you enter the backyard you are surrounded by tombstones from which zombies and ghosts come forth to stalk mortal visitors. These paranormal entities guide you towards the exit where you run into a massive Krampus along with a hybrid pig monster who chases you with a chainsaw.

We absolutely love this DIY home haunt. Because Nightmare in Whiting Woods is free of charge and can only be visited on Halloween night, the wait to get in can be longer than an hour. Our advice is to get there early next Halloween and enjoy the scares this family and their friends have created with love and intense dedication to the spirit of the holiday.


November 2018
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