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REVIEW: Reign of Terror

Throughout the years, Reign of Terror (ROT) has been expanding the size and scope of its haunt. Located above an outdoor shopping mall in Thousand Oaks, ROT is the largest and most elaborate haunt maze in the Los Angeles area. Containing 115 rooms within a space that exceeds 23,000-square-feet, Reign of Terror is a permanent venue of horrors and ghostly encounters that opens its doors only during the Halloween season. The team behind ROT works year round on this massive haunt, and the craftsmanship behind the scares is on par with the imagineering at Disneyland.

Reign of Terror, through a unifying, dedicated vision, has managed to connect all their rooms into a seamless infernal voyage. Like the legendary House of Shock in New Orleans, your journey through Reign of Terror will take you through a strange town where you exit out of windy caves and cold coolers to run over New Orleans swamps and into demented funhouses.

ROT contains a magnificent array of details including rigged hydraulics, stunning mechanized frights, sinister landscapes, talented scare actors, and much, much more. The line between reality and imagination is often blurred, making you feel deeply absorbed with a world of terror spanning 115 rooms.

Reign of Terror has been haunting SoCal for almost 20 years, and therefore has earned its legendary status. Each year, ROT gets bigger and better making it one of the most beloved mazes for haunters and horror fans alike.


October 01, 2019


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