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REVIEW: Reign Of Terror

Reign of Terror (@rothauntedhouse) is the perfect place to start off if you are a first time haunt goer. This colossal, 105 room haunt is located in an outdoor mall (Janss Marketplace) nestled in a quiet Thousand Oaks neighborhood. With the freedom to work year round in their 2nd floor warehouse, the Reign of Terror team continues to expand their attractions on an annual basis. This years brings one of the best rooms to date: a human doll room. We won’t spoil any of the horrors which await you, but know that it is a very impressive experience.

Reign of Terror (ROT) really pulls out all the stops as they incorporate the best lighting, sound, acting, makeup, set decoration, scents, and even wind effects to transport you to evil carnival worlds, haunted underground mines, demonic swamps, and futuristic zombie worlds. All of these themes would usually feel very mismatched, however ROT’s production maintains a continuous flow moving in and out of different settings, thereby creating a seamless experience.

For more detailed information, please visit our archived reviews from the past few years. We hope that you take our word when we say that Reign of Terror is one of the greatest haunts of all time. The lines have been getting longer with each new season as ROT’s popularity increases, so if you are in a rush we suggest getting the express ticket for a $10 upcharge.


October 12, 2018