October 28th, 2018

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Richard and Christina began their haunt career by entertaining visitors in their modest yard maze in Rowland Heights. However, their haunt outgrew their neighborhood in 2016 and some changes needed to happen. After taking a year off, the Richard and Christina Haunted House is back in full form and located in a warehouse off of Highway 60.

The maze itself is a classic dark maze in which you walk and crawl through numerous tight, black hallways. The setting of the haunt is an old 1900s Shanghai mansion in which Chinese legend and folklore seeps through the walls. Visitors will encounter the horrifying Jiangshi, a reanimated corpse which becomes a “hopping” vampire due to the stiffness of its body. A Jiangshi is similar to a zombie, however it is also like a vampire because it hides in coffins or caves during the day and comes out at night to kill living beings and absorb their "qi” (life force).

Within the maze there are numerous young volunteers who portray the Jiangshi along with a few classic American horror characters. Our favorite character was a small child dressed as Jason who popped out of a barely noticeable well. Towards the end of the maze we ran into Samara from The Ring who creepily sang Rock-a-Bye baby in Mandarin before we could pass by her.

Richard and Christina run their haunted house in collaboration with friends and family. They told us that they are passionate about Halloween and love to create mazes for the community to experience every year. A family member even gives out desserts of taro and rice pudding when visitors exit the maze. Richard and Christina Haunted House is open late and is near Horrorworld for those looking to get a haunt fix after visiting Into the Black.


October 27, 2018

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