October 30, 2017



Ben Conway has been making haunted attractions in his parent’s yard since he was 11 years old. Now, at the age of 15, his talent is years beyond people who are twice his age. This is evident in his creativity and technical ability which has produced a multi-leveled Halloween attraction.

Conway’s front yard is transformed into a graveyard in which jack o’ lanterns interact with you as thunder rumbles and lightning flashes. The cemetery is filled with tombstones which Conway himself has individually crafted. Behind the yard display, there is an interactive room within which an actor tells the tale of El Cucay, the creature from Mexican folklore who steals misbehaved children. This part of the yard haunt, inspired from other interactive plays like Delusion, is quick and fun. (We won’t spoil anything for you, but know that this experience is greatly enjoyable.) You will then walk into a separate yard area which is embellished with numerous Halloween decorations including cobwebs, singing jack o’ lanterns, and spooky skeletons. (The skeletons could be a nod to Boney Island, as Conway volunteered there when he was younger.)

What makes Halloween so great is seeing young people showcase their creativity, talents, and aspirations. Rosehill Haunt is a great example of this, and also proves that Boney Island, Knott’s, and Disney can stoke the imaginations of children so that they may follow their creativity. We greatly encourage you to make it out to Studio City to visit Rosehill Haunt, which is a skip and a jump away from Rotten Apple and Backwoods in Burbank. Check out this young talent as he prepares to embark on a brilliant future career!


October 30, 2017


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