October 24, 2018

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REVIEW: Rotten Apple 907

Located in a residential Burbank neighborhood, Rotten Apple 907 has been entertaining thousands of visitors since 1990. Rotten Apple 907 is the creation of Preston and Diane Meyer (with help from their family and close friends), who tirelessly labor each year to bring to life a new theme for their haunt. After attending the Rotten Apple experience for over a decade, we can say that each theme has been incredible, and this year’s “Killppetto’s Toy Shop” is no exception.

Killppetto’s Toy Shop takes you into the depths of a world filled with demented, bizarre, and possessed toys. Along your way through the toy shop you will meet a toy creator, who if you pay close attention to, has maps of human disfigurement on his desk. You will walk by captured humans who hang from marionette strings, pleading for you to help them escape. Strange sights permeate your voyage through the toy shop, including a monstrous living grandfather clock. The story of Killppetto’s Toy Shop is like Pinocchio on acid as it delves into the darkly supernatural and surreal side of children’s fairy tales.

After suffering an almost complete loss of their flats last year due to flooding, Rotten Apple has proven that they can rise above any challenge. The Meyer family and friends create magical Halloween experiences every year, and we greatly appreciate their vision, work, and dedication. On top of that, admission to Rotten Apple 907 is free, but you can donate to help support the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter on your way out.


October 24, 2018

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