October 29, 2018

HOLA 18.10.29 - Spooky Hollows.jpg

REVIEW: Spooky Hollows

It is very rare to find a backyard haunt in which there is a fabricated, realistic swamp complete with mechanical alligators snapping at you for a tasty treat. It is very unexpected to then leave the swamp and come upon a young werewolf girl howling wildly at the moon.  It is even more bizarre to have to then sneak into a sewer in which you are surrounded by toxic green running water….to come face to face with a life-size puppet named “Mr. Sticky”. And then… walk by a grunting plant puppet and encounter ravenous piranhas spinning around in bathwater. This is the world of Spooky Hollows, in which fantasy and mischief come together to bring you a captivating and enchanting adventure.

Spooky Hollows is always one of our favorite haunts of the Halloween season!


October 29, 2018

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