November 04, 2018

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REVIEW: Spooky Saloma

While visiting VanOaks Cemetery on Halloween, its creators Derek and Erin suggested that we check out Spooky Saloma, another Van Nuys yard haunt located a few blocks down the street. As we made our way down the festive street of Saloma Ave., we saw many spirited yard displays, jack-o’-lanterns, inflated monsters, ghostly projections, and excited trick-or-treaters. The Halloween spirit became more intense as we arrived on the sidewalk periphery of Spooky Saloma. Dense fog rolled out into the street as giant ghoulish mechanical jesters cackled at us and cloaked beasts lurked behind trees.

Spooky Saloma is a yard display which contains a small, tarped maze with a few turns. Both the yard and maze contain beautiful items from the collection of the legendary Boney Island (including the dark forest trees). Tons of scaractors run around in the small yard space, and thick blankets of fog heighten the tension as children run by screaming looking for candy. The chaos and beauty of Spooky Saloma was greatly enjoyable and a wonderful pairing with its neighbor, VanOaks Cemetery.


November 04, 2018

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