October 29, 2017



Brought to you by PROliFX, the Haunted Rose has spent the past few years entertaining visitors outside of a residential home in Whittier. Owner Ryan Banfield is an incredibly talented effects technician who has worked on feature films (Iron Man, Terminator Salvation, Avatar) and with world-renowned companies (Knott's Berry Farm, Stan Winston Studio, The Walt Disney Company, Cirque Du Soleil). Banfield’s background is evident in the incredible attention to detail, characters, and storytelling of the Haunted Rose.

The Haunted Rose pulls you into a Lovecraftian world in which a mad scientist uses necromancy to bring to life otherworldly and bizarre creatures. These horrific creations are the result of the hybridization of animals and humans. They appear throughout the maze as you wander through beautiful sets and exquisite lighting. The art direction of this maze is impeccable, as is the timing of the mechanics and the performances of the actors.

The love of H.P. Lovecraft’s cosmic horror is evident throughout this haunt. You will be dazzled by the gothic settings filled with beautiful special effects and intense frights. The Haunted Rose is both impressive and fun. We love this haunt! Take a chance and go visit the mad doctor and hope that you make it out alive!


October 29, 2017

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