October 27, 2018

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REVIEW: Anneliese: The Experience

Anneliese Michel tragically died of malnourishment and dehydration in 1976 at the age of 23. Two priests were found guilty of negligent homicide during their attempts to exorcise demons out of a young woman who was suffering from mental illness. The story of Anneliese has been used as a reference in many narratives, including the film: The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005). This Halloween season, Angelino ghouls can experience the story of Anneliese in person at “Anneliese: The Experience”, a Twisted Minds Productions (@tmphauntedhouse) creation.

Following the success of their Midsummer Scream prototype maze, Twisted Minds Productions have developed a posthumous story of Anneliese which takes places thirty years after her death. Set in an abandoned house/maze in Highland Park, visitors will meet Anneliese in her new home which she inhabits with other demonic entities. Low droning humming and dim lighting are interrupted by jolting bursts of sounds and the sudden appearances of characters who burst out from behind walls and curtains.

Anneliese: The Experience showcases the talent and vision of three creatively charged Highland Park teenagers: Zion Fenwick, David Coleman, and Alexis Chomyn. They have successfully transformed the Highland Park Recreation Center into a dark and infernal world in which Anneliese now resides. We highly recommend this haunt, and for a mere $3 entry fee you can experience the sinister and suspenseful journey through demonic possession of Anneliese: The Experience.


October 27, 2018

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