October 31, 2018

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REVIEW: Voodoo on the Bayou

After taking a few years off from their home haunt, 13th Gate Asylum has paired up with the Simi Sunrise Rotary Club to take over an abandoned Macy’s in Simi Valley. Together they have created the haunted house, “Voodoo On The Bayou”, which raises money for local schools and community events.

What stuck out immediately was the real person sleeping in a rocking chair on the Bayou’s porch. This strange detail was so over the top and odd that we were won over before we even went inside. The second thing that stood out for us was that the maze was almost completely blacked out. This created a gloomy and pleasingly disorienting journey as we were continually scared by demons who popped out of the darkness. Each room was dimly lit and held inhabitants who were forlorn and creepy. Throughout the maze there was an automated door system in place which greatly benefited the pacing of the maze and crowd control.

While all of this was really fun, our favorite section was the swamp: a beautiful simulation complete with rainwater, tin roofs, real plants, and a swamp creature. This impressive room was made that much better by a lifesize running train which barrelled towards you. You are held captive by the automated door system and can’t help but scream as the train conductor blasts the air horn for you to get out of harm's way.


October 31, 2018

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