review: zombie Joe’s Urban death

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REVIEW: Zombie Joe’s Urban Death

After attending every year of Zombie Joe’s Urban Death (@zombiejoes), it has become evident that this maze and theater performance gets bigger and better every Halloween season. Offering top-notch stories, acting, sound, and lighting, Zombie Joe’s will take you down a dark pathway through the demonic soul of humanity.

Zombie Joe’s Urban Death is a haunted theatre attraction, however visitors will enter and exit the theater through a narrow and harrowing maze. You will be given a dim black light to take with you as you squeeze down a claustrophobic corridor. Along the way you will witness strange performances at every turn and encounter sights such as full frontal nudity.

Once you enter the theater, you will watch a series of vignettes which quickly appear and disappear. In between each vignette, droning sounds fill the room accompanied by strobe lights, to be then followed by pitch dark before the lights come on for each performance. Each performance runs the gamut of deviance and horror as the actors fearlessly bring their stories to life. In one scene, dark comedy abounds as a man attempts to have sex with a malfunctioning sex doll. In another scene, a creepy classic of Urban Death returns in the form of the sounds of running demon hooves which surround the audience in a blacked out theater. The audio, lighting, and performances are all perfectly synched up, creating a beautifully executed choreography for all those lucky enough to be in the audience.

The dark extremes of Urban Death have set the bar for what Halloween theater should be. The stories brought to stage plunged head first into the sinister side of our imaginations. Zombie Joe’s is therefore not for the faint of heart. As we left to exit the maze a younger member of the crowd was curled up in a fetal position refusing to look up, which signified that Zombie Joe’s had accomplished their mission of extreme sensations.


October 08, 2018
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